A Tribute to

Late Mrs Suchinta Khorana
(1932 – 2017)

A woman entrepreneur and the motivational force behind the success of the school. She was an epitome of hard work and genius, who worked day and night for the progress of the school. It was she, who sowed the sapling which has bloomed to a tree. She was very social and a balanced figure who stood by her staff and students through thick and thin. She was the brain behind that the school can boast of completing sixty four years of success in the field of education and sports. Her dream of providing education to all stratas of society shows her concern for society. She always maintained an aura of peace and nobility around her.
The guidelines laid by her will keep on enlighting our path in the years to come. Though she breathed her last on 31 May, 2017 but she will remain alive among us even after. May the Almighty rest her soul in peace.